The need for blood donations remains high during coronavirus pandemic
The need for blood donations remains high during coronavirus pandemic

Blood donation requirement remains high during coronavirus pandemic

To make an appointment for Blood donation, call 848-4770, or click here for more information.

HONOLULU, Hawaii (Hawaii News) – At any time, the Blood Bank of Hawaii has a blood supply of about a week on hand.

But the CEO of the Hawaii Blood Bank says donations decreased 30 percent after 40 community groups stopped their blood drives in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“If people stop Blood donation and blood impulses are interrupted, it is only a few days that we will run out of blood,” said Dr. Kim Anh Nguyen.

The Blood Bank facility on Young Street is the only place to accept donations. Next week, they will appear on Oahu.

Donations are not accepted on neighboring islands, but hospitals will be delivered from Honolulu.

Donor Calvin Young says he is happy with the new protocols and will continue to donate.

“I went out because I’m healthy and everything that helps the community is the right thing to do,” Young said.

New protocols for donors are available to follow the guidelines of social distance and the prevention of large gatherings.

“We have to do something different to make sure that it is safe for donors to donate and obtain the blood of our patients. The first phase is to transform our donor center on youth streets into a safe and rewarding environment, “Dr. Kim Anh Nguyen.

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